Skin Clair Nutritive Cream 50mL

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Create brightness, and an even, healthy skin tone with this lightening cream, designed to target age spots, freckles, dark spots, or dullness as a result of pigmentation. Melanin is regulated, whilst the skin heals through intense nourishment, hydration, and cellular rejuvenation. The skin looks remarkably radiant.

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Brightening & Depigmenting Cream

A lightening and depigmenting solution that solely resolves and prevents melanin imbalances in the skin through melanin reprogramming and nutritional activity.

As the tyrosinase enzyme is inhibited and cellular hydration is increased, anti-fatigued action is enabled through the stimulation of metabolic activity, and the skin is regenerated.

Extracts from Grapefruit, Bearberry, Birch, Liquorice, and White Mulberry Tree work powerfully to brighten the skin, recreate balance, and restore its youth and vitality.

Benefits & Features

  • Irregularities in the skin, particularly in relation to melanin production are regulated.
  • Citrus Flavonoids alongside Ascophyllum Nodosum inhibit and prevent melanin synthesis and tyrosinase activity, creating a depigmenting effect in the cells.
  • Cellular hydration and nutrition increases through an organic extract rich in proteins, enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients, creating powerful anti-fatigue action, and stimulating energetic metabolism.
  • Amino acids revitalise and create new, supple, even skin.
  • Antioxidant activity is also increased, alongside a brightening effect with White Mulberry Tree, Bearberry, Birch, Liquorice, and Grapefruit.
    Melanin production is preprogrammed, not only controlling but also limiting future overproduction and imbalance of melanin (through the tyrosinase enzyme being inhibited).
  • Contains SPF 10 for UV protection.

Usage Recommendations

Appy a small, hazelnut-sized quantity to cleansed skin, focusing on areas with pigmentation or dark spots. Use daily in the mornings and evenings.

Always follow this product with a protective cream, such as the Melano 15 Sunscreen.

For optimum results, we recommend using the Skin Clair Nutritive Serum underneath this product, particularly if spot correction is a concern, and using Synchro as the last step.

Key Ingredients

  • Ascophyllum Nodosum
  • Citrus Flavonoids
  • Amino acids
  • Organic extract of proteins, enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients
  • White Mulberry Tree, Bearberry, Birch, Liquorice, and Grapefruit


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