Mito Special Plus 20mL

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Instantly infuse oxygen, hydration, and radiance into the skin, with this circulation-boosting facial spray. Strategically designed with plant proteins, peptides, and amino acids, this potent product increases cell activity, regenerates aged skin, and repairs damaged tissue, giving tired or dull skin an energising boost.

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Cell Regeneration & Oxygenation Spray

Ideal for dull, fatigued, aged skin, or for resolving acne scars, stretch marks, or withered hands, this restorative product can be used on the face and the body to stimulate cellular respiration. With increased oxygen reaching the cells, collagen synthesis, and cell renewal, Mito structures the dermal matrix. The result is a firmed skin tone, and even, hydrated texture, full of life and nutrition. A perfect companion for travel.

Benefits & Features

  • Increases cellular respiration and circulation, repairing tissue damage, resulting in greater cell turnover as well an oxygenation.
  • Active peptide messengers stimulate collagen synthesis.
  • The dermal matrix is restructured with glycosaminoglycans, along with cell oxygenation, leading to a firmer, anti-wrinkle texture and tone.
  • Hydrolyzed proteins, plant glycoproteins, and amino acids encourage cell turnover and growth, and stimulate fibroblasts, working in conjunction to fight skin ageing and regenerate new, healthier tissue.
  • Dull or tired skin will notice an instant energising and boosting effect.
  • Acne scars, stretch marks, withered hands, or other signs of fatigue or scarring can be relieved with its healing effects.

Usage Recommendations

After thorough cleansing, use 4-5 sprays on the face (and up to 15 sprays on the body as applicable). Dab lightly, but do not rub into the skin. Repeat 1-2 times a week as needed.

Suitable for dull, tired, or aged skin. Do not use on inflamed, irritated, or acneic skin, or the bust area.

Key Ingredients

  • Peptides
  • Hydrolyzed proteins
  • Plant glycoproteins
  • 8 Essential amino acids


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