Marine Mask 30mL

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Combat the signs of ageing with this rich, remineralising cream mask comprising a powerful marine complex and kaolin clay base. Cellular fatigue is corrected as the skin’s functions are optimised, creating lifted, youthful, hydrated skin. Suitable for all skin types, except irritated skin.

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Anti-Ageing & Anti-Fatigue Mask

Providing the essential minerals and amino acids, a lack of which leads to malfunction and fatigue in skin cells, this Marine Mask in a cream formulation energises and nourishes the skin to recreate youth. Specifically designed for demineralised, dehydrated, wrinkled or sagging skin, this mask revives the skin’s texture and tone, revealing tighter, supple skin.

Benefits & Features

  • A neutral Kaolin clay base absorbs impurities whilst soothing and protecting the skin.
  • Witch Hazel extract works in conjunction with Sweet Almond Oil and Chamomile as an astringent and tonic, to detoxify, calm, and simultaneously hydrate the skin.
  • Contains a powerful marine complex made up of trace elements such as zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt, potassium, and phosphorus to provide nutrition to the skin and combat cellular fatigue.
  • Provides an energetic boost to rejuvenate the skin cells, correct lines and wrinkles, optimise hydration level, and create youthful skin tone and texture.

Usage Recommendations

Apply a thin layer all over the face and neck, and leave on for 15 minutes. Remove with warm water or a facial mitt. Repeat 2-3 types per week.

Follow with anti-ageing serums and creams.

Key Ingredients

  • Kaolin
  • Witch Hazel
  • Chamomile
  • Marine Complex
  • Sweet Almond Oil


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