Hydra Ger 50mL

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The drink a lifeless skin yearns for, this rich Kaolin-based mask with lipids, proteins, enzymes, and sugars, will cleanse off dead skin cells whilst nourishing the skin.

The skin’s functions are corrected so that optimum hydration can be reached at a cellular level. The skin feels luminous, strengthened, and plump. Suitable for all skin types.

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Hydration Stimulating & Correcting Mask

With Homarin from the marine world, lipids, acids, and ceramides, this mask proficiently increases the skin’s hydration levels whilst creating conditions that will limit water loss.

It stimulates the skin’s natural ceramides and enzymes to reawaken hydration, whilst cleansing with clay-rich minerals to buff off dead and dry skin cells. Even the driest, sensitive, or irritated skin will benefit from this mask and be transformed, ready once again to absorb the nutrients and ingredients from its skincare.

Benefits & Features

  • With Kaolin, a white natural clay rich in minerals as the base, this mask deeply cleanses and detoxifies the pores to remove excessive congestion or sebum.
  • Strengthens the skin barrier and reduces inflammation.
  • Revives a dull, lacklustre, or lifeless skin.
  • Creates conditions that prevent moisture loss because of Homarin (from marine sources) which encourages osmosis and optimum skin hydration inside the cells.
  • Excessive sebum production as a result of dehydration is balanced.
  • Aleuritic Acid which is a type-I ceramide acts as an epidermal lipid to strengthen the skin barrier and limit water loss.
  • Phosphorylated lipid promotes epidermal cell regeneration and prompts natural moisturising factors to be activated.
  • B-Lacto Globulin which is a hydrophilic protein rich in Amino Acids, Cysteine, Leucine, and Lysine stimulates enzymes and encourages natural moisturising factors.
  • The skin achieves balance and functions correctly.

Usage Recommendations

Gently apply a thin layer of the Hydra Gel mask uniformly across the face and neck. Remove after 10 minutes, and wipe off with lukewarm water or a wet face cloth. Follow with serums and creams, such as Synchro.

Use daily in the mornings and evenings (after makeup removal) for a course of 4-5 days, depending on the severity of dryness or dehydration. Repeat as required for a minimum of 2 days at a time. Can also be used under the eyes to rehydrate and brighten dark circles.
Suitable for all skin types, except highly inflamed or sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients

  • Kaolin
  • B-Lacto Globulin (rich in Cysteine, Leucine, and Lysine)
  • Homarin
  • Aleuritic Acid (and ceramides)
  • Phosphorylated lipid


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