Marine Day Cream 30mL

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Infuse energy into the skin with this light-textured cream designed to boost the skin’s functions. With marine and vegetal extracts, this hydrating cream is rich in minerals and provides an anti-ageing effect on mature, dry skin. Suitable for all skin types. Contains SPF 15.

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Hydrating & Stimulating Day Cream with SPF

Rich in several marine extracts and trace elements, this day cream stimulates and rebalances the skin’s natural reactions, bringing them into alignment for a revitalised complexion. Its light, marine-toned fragrance leaves a feeling of refreshment.

Benefits & Features

  • Bisabolol and Sweet Almond Oil soothe and calm any inflammation or dryness in the skin.
  • Fatty acid esters along with glycosaminoglycan moisturise the skin and work as free radical scavengers.
  • Glycerin provides hydration and nourishment.
  • A complex of minerals including zinc, copper, potassium, manganese, cobalt, and phosphorus optimise functions by filling any nutritional deficiencies and providing protection against UV radiation and environmental aggressors.
  • The skin’s natural functions are stimulated, leading to efficient biosynthesis of proteins such as collagen and elastin, which are the growth factors necessary for anti-ageing.
  • Cell degradation and ageing is slowed down, and healing is promoted as a result.
  • Contains sunscreen protection of SPF 15 to prevent ageing and UV damage.

Usage Recommendations

Use daily in the morning. After cleansing the skin, apply and massage a small, hazelnut-sized amount gently over the face, eye, and neck area. Suitable for all skin types.

We recommend using this product after Synchro for optimum results.

Key Ingredients

  • Bisabolol & sweet almond oil
  • Glycosaminoglycan
  • Glycerin
  • Minerals and essential trace elements of marine origin
  • Sunscreen


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