Element Barrier 100mL

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A vigilant safeguard against harsh environmental elements and extreme temperatures, this cream is the perfect companion for travelling. Take it with you on a ski trip or a tropical island for protection from harsh, cold and heat elements. With a unique complex of botanical phytoceramides, plankton extracts, vitamin esters, and UV protectants, the skin feels comforted and shielded from external aggressors. Natural skin immunity is boosted.

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Protective Repairing Cream

Provide hydration, infra-red and broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, and boost antioxidant activity in the skin with this multi-tasking cream. Lightweight, non-oily, and quickly absorbed, this cream is the perfect companion during traveling, or situations involving environmental elements such as wind, extremely hot or cold temperatures, or pollution. The skin is protected against ageing and dehydration, and feels comforted.

Benefits & Features

  • A complex of botanical Phytoceramides to moisturise the skin and improve corneocyte cohesion, resulting in well-hydrated and youthful skin
  • Artemia Salina Extract, a plankton extract to activate cell functions and provide infra-red protection, boost the skin’s immunity and natural defenses.
  • A unique protection complex containing organic and inorganic broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays creates a filter to reduce skin damage and thermal ageing.
  • Vitamin C Esters activate collagen, brighten the skin, and boost antioxidants.
  • Long lasting hydration, protection of cell DNA as well as skin structure and integrity, makes this cream the ideal companion for harsh elements or extreme temperatures.

Usage Recommendations

Apply a generous layer to the face, neck, and exposure areas, massaging into the skin. Re-apply every 2-3 hours during continuous exposure. Use over prescribed day moisturisers. Suitable for all skin types from age 15 onwards.

Key Ingredients

  • A complex of botanical Phytoceramides
  • Artemia Salina Extract
  • Protection Complex
  • Vitamin C Ester


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Element Barrier

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Element Barrier 20mL and 100mL
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