Pre & Post Serum 30mL

Repair and rebuild a damaged or compromised skin barrier, whilst providing intense hydration and nourishment to achieve beautiful, renewed skin. This serum also increases the effectiveness of active ingredients from other Nimue treatments and home care products, achieving timely results.

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Dual Action Serum for Nourishment, Hydration & Repair

With a targeted, scientifically balanced Moisturisation Complex to repair and reinforce the skin’s barrier and functions, as well as Mirabilis Jalapa Extract to intensely hydrate and comfort the skin. A Liquid Crystal Delivery system provides intense moisturisation, and increased product penetration into the deeper layers. Transepidermal water loss is reduced, and the delivery of active ingredients from professional treatments and at home care is more efficient, resulting in transformed skin health.

Benefits & Features

  • A Scientifically Balanced Moisturisation Complex ensures protection of the skin’s barrier, restoring its compromised functions
  • Mirabilis Jalapa Extract from a native Peruvian plant gently calms inflammation, and stimulates ceramide synthesis to strengthen and hydrate the skin barrier.
  • Transepidermal water loss is reduced, and the skin is hydrated and repaired.
  • A Liquid Crystal Delivery System provides increased moisturisation and increases the efficacy of the ingredients, enabling optimum transdermal delivery and repair.
  • The skin is strengthened, resulting in a stronger skin barrier.
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of professional treatments and at home care products is increased, as active ingredients can reach the deeper layers of the skin.
  • The skin is rejuvenated and transformed, as overall skin health improves.

Usage Recommendations

  • Apply this product morning and evening to clean, dry skin, and massage until absorbed. This product must be used 1-2 weeks before and after Nimue professional treatments, and can also be used on an ongoing basis if required.
  • We recommend following with Nimue Active Gel/Lotion or Nimue Booster and the prescribed day and night cream.

Key Ingredients

  • (SBMC) Scientifically Balanced Moisturisation Complex
  • Mirabilis Jalapa Extract


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Pre and Post Serum

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Pre and Post Serum

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Pre and Post Serum

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Pre and Post Serum 30mL

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