Y:Skin Facial Wash 200mL

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Clarify and balance problematic or rebellious skin with this lightweight, soap-free, gel cleanser, designed to remove impurities and prevent breakouts. With mild AHAs, Tea Tree Oil, and pH balancing benefits, this facial wash leaves young skin feeling cleansed and comforted.

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Clarifying & Balancing Facial Wash (Soap-Free)

Young, problematic skin that is imbalanced due to hormonal issues, pH imbalances, stress, or other contributing factors will benefit from this soap-free facial wash, designed to gently and deeply exfoliate the skin. With an acidic pH to cleanse without disturbing the normal pH balance, and a mild 1.4% Triple AHA complex with Tea Tree Oil for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions, the skin is left clarified, unified, and balanced.

Benefits & Features

  • 1.4% Triple AHA Complex for exfoliation of dead skin, impurities, and to promote cell turnover to reveal fresh skin
  • Tea Tree Oil absorbs excessive sebum/oil in the skin, amplifies antimicrobial action, and assists in refreshment and renewal
  • Infection is reduced through antimicrobial action, and sebum as well as pH levels are regulated, future imbalances and breakouts are prevented
  • Acidic pH to cleanse without disturbing the pH of the skin
  • The skin is clarified, soothed, clean, and calm
  • This cleanser is soap-free, and has a lightweight, gel texture
  • Suitable for young or sensitive skin

Usage Recommendations

Apply a small amount to the skin and massage with wet fingertips for one minute, to remove makeup, impurities, and excessive oil. Rinse off thoroughly with water, and repeat if necessary.

Key Ingredients

  • 1.4% Triple AHA Complex
  • Tea Tree Oil


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Y-Skin Facial Wash 200mL
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