Fibro 100mL

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Complete the cleansing ritual with this unique tonic lotion that compliments makeup removers and cleansers (such as Glyco). By removing any last traces of dead cells and impurities, and rebalancing the pH level in the skin, Fibro ensures a dull complexion is noticeably transformed to reveal brightness and freshness.

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Hydrating Cleanser & Skin Enhancer

Gently cleansing with its alcohol-free, soothing formulation, this product utilises the synergy of plants to purify and brighten the complexion. Circulation is stimulated, as pores slightly open in order to enable detoxification, and absorb the nourishing extracts and key ingredients that promote a more balanced complexion.

Benefits & Features

  • Mono and disaccharides along with amino acids enable cell turnover, circulation, and moisture retention.
  • Extracts of linden, chamomile, and cucumber enable a calming effect, reducing redness or inflammation.
  • Ginseng energises the skin and relieves puffiness, resulting in firm, toned, and plumped skin.
  • Witch hazel enables antibacterial action, reduces pore size, and irritation due to its astringent properties.

Usage Recommendations

Use after removing makeup, to double cleanse the skin. We recommend using this product after cleansing with Glyco.

Apply the lotion on a soaked cotton pad, all over the face. Use daily, morning and evening as required.

Suitable for all skin types, except acne-prone or sensitised skins that may have undergone a dermatological treatment.

Key Ingredients

  • Linden Extract
  • Camomile Extract
  • Ginseng Extract
  • Cucumber Extract
  • Witch Hazel Extract


Documents & Videos


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Chapter 4 – Skin Care Treatment

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Fibro 200mL and 500mL
Eye Treatment - To remove dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles
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