Bath Salts 400g

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Immerse yourself into an opulent self-care ritual with beauty benefits. With circulation-boosting bath salts made of crystalised sea salts, minerals, and Citronella Essential oil, experience detoxification and hydration. The skin feels cleansed and soothed, and the senses relaxed.

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Circulating Boosting Bath Salts with Essential Oils

Increase cell oxygen levels and blood circulation rate, and reduce toxins, pain, and inflammation, by using these salts in Balneotherapy. Used for centuries to relieve rheumatologic diseases, reduce stress, and enhance the texture of the skin, bath salts with essential oils are the perfect combination of a beauty and self-care ritual.

Benefits & Features

  • Crystallised dead sea salts or sulfur, naturally rich in minerals such as magnesium and sulfur, relieve skin allergies, calm inflammation, and assist with arthritis and joint pain, as the muscles are deeply relaxed.
  • Citronella oil, rich in its citrus fragrance, is a natural anti-bacterial with soothing properties. As it meets the warm bath water, it releases its vapour and essence, moisturising the skin.
  • The skin feels detoxified and supple, as the mind experiences stress relief and calm.

Usage Recommendations

Dissolve 100g of Bath Salts in warm water (between 38-40 degrees celsius). Stir gently for a few minutes to release the active ingredients. Relax in a pleasurable bath for 20-30 minutes.

This product can be used in baths, jacuzzis, whirlpools, and jets. Suitable for all skin types, and particularly beneficial for inflammatory conditions such as aches, pains, or arthritis.

Key Ingredients

  • Crystallised Mineral Sea Salts
  • Citronella Oil


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Bath Salts 400mL
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